Frequently Asked Questions

During your fitting you will be measured by our renowned style consultants and guided through our fabric vault selection. You will also choose the exact customizations that you would like to be included in your suit during the design process with our consultants.

To ensure that we capture your ideal fit, we recommend that you bring your best fitting suit and any corresponding shirt that you would wear with it. This will enable us to compare our detailed contour measurements of your body with your preferred fit.

Once you have been measured, styled, and have designed your suit with our consultant, we require half payment to begin the construction of your made-to-measure suit.

Your custom garment will be delivered in 4 - 5 weeks from the week of purchase.

We ensure a perfect fit - every time. Once your measurements have been taken, we will review them with you before finalizing your order. It is with your agreed upon consent of these correct measurements that we will then begin the construction of your garment. Prior to delivering your suit, we will remeasure the garment to verify that it has been created according to the mutually agreed upon measurements that were taken during your fitting. If the garment does not reflect the fit that you desire, we will alter it to your satisfaction.

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