Our Process

  • Consultation

    Congratulations, you’ve made a great decision. Let’s get started. At the consultation your tailor will discuss your requirements and budget, explain the options and guide you through the selection of fabric, trims and styling. Your tailor will take dozens of meticulous body measurements and figuration observations. This first step will take up to an hour at the end of which we will request a 50% deposit.

  • Cutting

    This is where the magic happens.
    Your selected style, measurements, posture and figuration details will be translated by skilled pattern cutters onto a card pattern which will be used as a template for cutting the fabric for your order. We will then keep your pattern to use for subsequent orders (unless you put on a few pounds or have been using the gym)

  • Sewing

    Your chosen fabric will have been laid up and allowed to relax. The cutter will have chalked around your pattern and the fabric will be cut. There is no going back.
    Skilled tailors are often the unsung heroes. They take your raw materials - fabric, linings, canvases and trims - and sculpt something beautifully unique, something that will only ever fit you.

  • Fitting

    If you have opted for an interim jacket fitting, the partially complete garment will now be presented to you to try on. Your tailor will chalk, pin and adjust the incomplete garment until both of you are completely satisfied with the fit. This stage can be repeated if the styling is complex or the fit is challenging.

  • Finished

    Your order now goes through its finishing process including pressing. This is an art in itself. The equipment selected combined with time, pressure and steam applied is determined by the fabric, style and finish you require. It is a fine balance. Not enough press and the garment will look unfinished, not sharp. Over pressing leaves glaze marks, impressions and damages the fabric. Like all parts of the process it relies on the craftsman’s skill, passion and experience.

  • Final Fitting

    Your finished order is now ready for the final fitting. Your tailor will carefully check the fit and silhouette to ensure everything is perfect. Any further amendments will be undertaken until you are completely satisfied. Only then will we ask you to pay the outstanding balance.
    The entire process takes between 4 and 5 weeks depending on the fabric, style and route.

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