Our Fabrics

We only select the finest natural fabrics for our suits and shirts, because nothing feels better. Our natural fabrics are all breathable and look and feel great.

In addition to our high quality house fabrics, we also carry well known brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Angelico, Guabello and to name a few.

Professional Style Consultations

One of the key aspects of what we offer is our process of selecting the right style for you. We take an objective approach by taking into account your occasion, need, body type, skin tone and need of versatility. The beauty of a personalized bespoke experience is that it takes into account the things that are unique to you and helps you find your perfect garment.

Suit and Styling According To Your Own Choice

Making customized tailored suits is not an easy task but our company is providing you with this facility by using advanced designing tools, you'll get perfectly crafted suits with a guarantee of a perfect fit. we give you, the consumer, an opportunity to personalize your look without the customary inflated price tag. Suits start at just Rs. 35,000

Made To Measure Suite

Made to measure suits are an important item in every mans wardrobe. To suit your preferences, you can get a made to measure slim fit suits or regular fitted suits. All of our suits can also be customised to your individual specifications.

Tailored Suit Everything Bespoke

We have established ourselves as the best tailors specializing in made to measure suits. Our mens tailor made suits and bespoke suits, as well as menswear items such as jackets, suit trousers, tailored chinos, and tailored shirts, are made to fit and will last. Whether you are looking for a bespoke suit for the summer or your next made to measure suit for winter, we are the perfect tailors for all your casual and formal wear needs.


Whether you are looking for the perfect bespoke suit, a flexible made to measure suit or a highly customised tailored suit, we are the best tailors to go to! Perhaps you have been searching for a premium quality wool suit? For this you could opt for a Guabello Suit. This suit is only one out of a thousand possibilities, visit our website to be seen them all.

Bespoke Suits

The perfect bespoke suits are full measured suits that are able to accentuate your form from your neck to lower back without compromising on quality or appearance. Our tailors have been working their careers to ensure each custom suit is as perfect as the last, which is how we have worked to become one of the USA and UK's top tailors!


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